Alicia & Jay's Stunning Wedding at the amazing Halycon House

We make a lot of friends working in the wedding industry and a few years ago we were so lucky to meet the stunning Alicia, owner of Perfectly Sweet! She is so beautiful inside and out and with her infectious personality and hilarious snapchats with Henry, her dash-hound, we were ridiculously excited for her wedding!


Alicia has impeccable taste with her Valentino heels and breathtaking wedding dress from Israel she planned her wedding to perfection! From the venue, Halcyon House, all the way to the ring boxes by Mrs Box, the decor & details were simply magnifico!

We are sure to see When Elephant Met Zebra post a story full of beautiful images when the photos are ready but for now we hope you enjoy these sneak peeks along with our fun photo booth pics :) 

Here are some of our favourite pics and to view the all the photos please find the gallery link at the bottom.


We hope you enjoyed the photos, please leave us a comment about your photo booth experience below.